Stand apart from your competition. The tea revolution is slowly but surely underway. Let our decade of tea sourcing put you ahead of the game and start serving some quality REAL tea!
Would you serve instant coffee? The difference in quality between our higher quality loose leaf tea and the sweepings you find in teabags is as significant as the difference between freshly ground coffee and instant coffee.

Why sell loose leaf tea? There are so many good reasons. Have an ethical conscience? Serving loose leaf tea is better for the environment. It gives access to more variety of higher quality tea allowing a premium tea menu unique to your premises. It also makes for an actual customer experience that shows you care about the quality of your products and service. Anyone can throw a teabag in a pot at home but people often eat out as a treat or special occasion. Why not meet or exceed those expectations?

What makes Tip Top Tea special? The high quality of tea we buy. Whether our normal breakfast tea or a rare Japanese green tea; we only source quality teas! We try to buy seasonally fresh tea direct from origin, supporting small scale growers where possible. We store our teas carefully and often pack to order. Many of our competitors take the easy route, sourcing tea through giant wholesalers, who buy in bulk from mass production. Or they mostly sell fancy flavoured blends that essentially disguise average tea behind synthesised flavours! There is a place for these teas, but our main focus is selling high quality tea, carefully grown that tastes fantastic naturally! Try a range of our teas and you will appreciate the difference.

How much more would this cost? From a profit point of view, nothing. Cheap wholesale teabags cost 1-2p per cup. With our wholesale prices on bulk loose tea your costs will average only 10-15p per cup for the real deal. You can easily justify a 10p hike from your existing prices. If anything you can charge more than this, have satisfied returning customers, make more profit and be offering the best tea in town.

Why should we work with Tip Top Tea? We really can't imagine why you wouldn't! We are a small friendly Brighton based tea merchant sourcing the best loose tea there is. This might sound like big talk, but we can back it up. Our clients range from small cafés to tea houses, delis and successful restaurants. Our wholesale bulk loose tea prices are very competitive and our service second to none. We supply a full range of teapots and accessories to facilitate an easy swap over.

How do we find out more? Please contact us or email tiptoptea at and we will be happy to explore how we can help you offer an exciting new tea menu at your establishment. If you are based not far from Brighton we can likely visit your premises for a tasting session and help you to implement a higher quality loose leaf tea service.

Our electronic tea catalogue and price list is available on request. We hope to hear from you soon!