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Super-Dark RIPE - Zero.Two.Six
Super-Dark RIPE - Zero.Two.Six

Super-Dark RIPE - Zero.Two.Six

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Flavour profile: Super Smooth Shu (Ripe) Pu-erh with a rich and complex flavour, suited to brewing superstrong.
Strength: 4/5, Astringency: 1/5, Sweetness: 2/5
Leaf: Mixture of small even leaf, long wiry leaf and chunky cha-tou nuggets.
Produced: Spring 2010, 2012 and 2016
Origin: Nan Nuo x Menghai County x Sichuan, China.
Elevation: 2600-3000ft

Background: Our own special in-house blend of our favourite pu-erhs bought over the last 10 years! The base is an equal blend of our light and fruity 2010 Nan Nuo Mountain Tea with a higher grade tea also from Menghai county, picked in 2012. This second tea is more refined with many cha-tou (naturally forming nuggets from post-fermentation) and has a rich super smooth flavour. Lastly we added 2016 picked Ya'An Tibetan tea, grown at Ya'An high tea garden in Sichuan. This Dark tea (Hei Cha) tea is mostly exported to Tibet, according to records since back in the Tang Dynasty, over 1000 years ago! This tea is characterised by a strong complex flavour, slightly reminiscent of Xiaguan Factory pu-erh.

This blend is named Super-Dark because it was created for​​​​​ Superstrong brewing -our own unique way of brewing pu-erh tea! See below for details. Zero.Two.Six refers to the last digit of the years from which the three origins of this tea were picked.

Brewing guide: With any aged tea it is good practise to rinse the leaves to remove natural impurities. Steep the leaves in boiling water for 5 -10 seconds, while swirling and discard the water. This also wakes up these old leaves and warms the pot for use.

To brew in the western style use 4g (2 level teaspoons) per cup of 150ml @ 99C steeped for 5 mins. A second infusion of 8-10 mins can gain a second brew.

To brew Superstrong, use 4-5 grams (2 heaped teaspoons) per 150ml, steeped for 8-10minutes. The key is to then add a further 4-5 grams for each subsequent infusion, building up an ever increasing teapot of leaves. Be sure to empty the pot of water each pour, and leave brewed leaves to air. In this way an ever stronger infusion is produced, and with good clean pu-erh tastes strong but smooth with no damp tastes. BEWARE! In hot months mould can develop if the same leaves are left over 2 days still damp. For this reason we recommend discarding leaves over 2 days old and starting again. We use small 150-300ml size clay teapots, in order not to build too thick a mound of tealeaves, facilitating airing. Take care, but enjoy!


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