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Suizhou Maojian - China Green Tea
Suizhou Maojian - China Green Tea Suizhou Maojian - China Green Tea Suizhou Maojian - China Green Tea

Suizhou Maojian - China Green Tea

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GTIN: 0633131641998

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Flavour profile: Delicate crystal clear green tea flavor with hints of grass and citrus. A refreshing and cleansing  cup of tea, also very easy to brew.
Strength: 3/5, Astringency: 1/5, Sweetness: 2/5
Leaf: Long and twisted wiry dark green leaves with a sweet yet fresh baked green tea aroma. The tight twisting is emphasised by the extent the open leaf swells once infused.
Produced: Spring 2021  Elevation: 650ft
Origin: Yanjiawan Village, Suixian, Suizhou, Hubei Province, China.

Background: Usually the best Mao Jian (hairy tips) teas are found in Xinyang in Henan province, from where this type of tea is thought to originate. However we have found a lovely example from just over the border in Hubei province. From just outside of Suizhou in the foothills of the Dahong Mountains, we discovered a producer growing this lovely Mao Jian Yun Wu green tea.

Yun Wu translates as ' Cloud & Mist' and refers to the humid and lush environment the tea grows in, which should be mountainous where such clouds form. Yun Wu teas are typically a fine small picked leaf, tightly twisted and basket fired or roasted. The result is a dark green small twisted leaf with a sweetness and subtle roasted aroma and taste when freshly made.

This organic green tea is made by a modern thinking producer who has an impressive resume of CERES and JAS organic certification, Rainforest Alliance certification as well as Ethical Tea Partnership participation!

Brewing guide: 2.5grams per 250ml, brewed at 70-80C for 2min30s. This equates to about 1 level tablespoon. Water should be caught just under the boil and add ¼ cold water to ¾ hot water to get the right temperature. This tea also tastes great cold infused in summer as iced tea.


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