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Snowy Mountain Sencha - Japan
Snowy Mountain Sencha - Japan Snowy Mountain Sencha - Japan Snowy Mountain Sencha - Japan Snowy Mountain Sencha - Japan

Snowy Mountain Sencha - Japan

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Price: £12.50
Flavour profile: Clean and refreshing with a crisp and crystal clear delicate astringency balancing the sweet soft green tea taste. Lighter than our Fukamushi Shiraore.
Strength: 2.5/5, Astringency: 2/5, Sweetness: 2.5/5
Leaf: Fine and fairly even pine needle shaped leaf with a lustrous deep green sheen. Leaf turns a pleasing bright green upon steeping. Fresh and elegant premium aroma!
Produced: May 2020
Origin: Yame, Kyushu, Japan.   Elevation: 1800 - 2000ft
Tea Cultivar: Yabukita, okuyutaka, okumidori and saemidori blend

Background: Nestled deep and high in the mountains of Yame is a wonderful small scale tea farm owned by third generation tea farmer Masashi-san. This family business is run by Masashi with his wife and daughter, growing and producing their high quality tea with a focus on high end organic Sencha's. The tea trees harvested were planted by Masashi's grandfather back in the late 1960's and are surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, elevated enough to get plenty of snow in Winter! Respecting this setting the tea is grown with the utmost care and attention, using hand-made fermented organic fertilizers and no artificial chemicals or pesticides.

This high quality sencha tea is made from four of the tea varietals grown on the farm, in a blend designed to evoke their tea gardens in early spring when refreshing morning mists cloak the emerald green hillsides! The tea fields are shaded for typically the last five days before plucking, a process reserved for high quality Gyokuro and Kabuse (shaded) teas, bringing sweetness to the taste and a bright green colour to the leaf. The tea is finished in their preferred Chumushi (light steaming) style. This balance of shading bringing out sweetness, and light steaming gives this tea its delicate and refreshing natural flavour.

Brewing guide: This tea can be brewed the usual way using 3grams per 200ml, brewed comparatively 'cool' at 65-70C for 2min30s. However we recommend trying it another way. The local region has a unique way of brewing high quality green tea, using a vessel different but most similar to a Chinese Gaiwan. They prewarm the teaware, heap in a lot of tea (8-10g) and brew warm (not hot) very quickly for 10-25 seconds or so repeatedly, slurping the tea from the lidded bowl! The result is a thick umami rich and slightly sweet brew that is utterly delicious!

To recreate we recommend brewing 8-10g with 100ml water for 10 seconds before straining as usual into a small cup. Pre-heat all teaware before brewing and use water 50-60C. To do this without thermometer, catch the kettle when bubbles are only just forming and pour into teacups first, then from there into the teapot to brew, before pouring back into the heated teacup to drink. It should be warm but not hot. Second brew again 10secs, before increasing by 5 seconds for further infusions.


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Reviewer: Vesna Matulić from Zagreb, Croatia    5 Stars

Excellent taste if prepared ‘your way’ I did it ‘recreationally’

Like it!

And a special thanks to a supplier and his right explanations!