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Japanese Matcha #1
Japanese Matcha #1 Japanese Matcha #1 Japanese Matcha #1 Japanese Matcha #1

Japanese Matcha #1

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Price: £18.00
Matcha #1 - Yuki No Yama

Flavour profile: Fresh and almost creamy grassy green tea flavour with a balanced taste, sweetness when made light and vegetal bite when made strong. Good aroma.
Strength: 3/5, Astringency: 3/5, Sweetness: 3/5
Appearance: Vibrant fine green  powder, slowly stone-milled showing its top quality. Opening the pouch releases a fresh sweet green tea aroma.
Origin: Yame, Kyushu, Japan. Cultivar: Single origin blend
Latest Batch Stone-Ground: Summer 2019

Background: This new premium organic matcha comes from the same small family-run tea farm that our top Snowy Mountain Sencha comes from deep in the mountains of Kyushu. Run by Masashi-san with his wife and daughter, they grow high quality tea, particularly high end organic Sencha. Their farm was planted in the 1960's by Masashi's grandfather and are located within a lush elevated natural environment, receiving heavy snow in Winter. In respect of their surrounds, the tea is cultivated with utmost care using home-made fermented organic fertilizers and no artificial chemicals or pesticides.

Ideally suited to being drunk as 'usucha' matcha (thin tea) but easily good enough to drink as 'Koicha' (thick tea) for a little more bite! This matcha tea is made from a blend of premium cultivars grown by Masashi-san. The tea-leaves are shaded for the last few weeks before plucking, sweetening and enriching the flavour. The stems and major leaf veins  are removed resulting in tencha leaf that is sent to a matcha factory for proper slow stone milling. This careful grinding preserves flavour and nutrients, and takes approximately one hour to grind 40g of this super tea.

Matcha tea is packed with antioxidants from polyphenols and catchetins in the leaf and is reputed to have many health benefits. Drinking a bowl of this luxurious tea elevates mind and spirit without coffee's caffeine jitters. Matcha's history originates from Zen Buddhist monks in China who used the tea to aid meditation almost 1000 years ago. It was then taken to Japan a few centuries later where it became an art-form of great cultural significance.

How to make it: Ideally use one of our Chasen (bamboo whisks) and a Chawan (tea bowl) using 1g (1/2 level teaspoon) and about 40ml cold water. Gently mix into a paste, then vigorously whisk using M shape movements until a light frothy head appears and slow to finsh, lifting the whisk into the head and breaking up larger bubbles gently (about 30seconds). Add another 100-160ml of hot (but not boiling) water to taste, then slurp greedily and enjoy the calming yet awakening effects!

It is also fantastic iced in summer. Try shaking in an ice-cold 500ml plastic water bottle. Decant half the water, add 1-2grams (1 level teaspoon +) matcha, put the lid on and shake vigorously for 30seconds. Pour the ice-cold decanted water back in, and enjoy.


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Alan Lansdell from Kent   5 Stars

Top grade Matcha

Tried a good few ceremonial grade Matcha teas before getting to tip top tea. This is genuinely the nicest and most consistent I have found, been buying it for a few years now and always look forward to getting a new pouch.

Reviewer: Joel Kobjoll from Madrid   5 Stars

Great matcha, i have tried a few matcha sorts by now and different price ranges, this new Matcha Okumidori in particular is really balanced! Dont hesitate its a great product :)

Reviewer: Kit from England   5 Stars

Fantastic Matcha. Don't be put off by the cheap price, this Matcha from Tiptoptea is far better than other more expensive ones I've tried. Great flavour and very re vitalising. Thanks for this wonderful treat Duncan and team!!

Reviewer: James Clapp from Faversham   5 Stars

An excellent matcha! Great colour and taste. Would probably last ages in the fridge - can't confirm this as I have drunk it all too quickly. Reordered - looking forward to another speedy delivery!

Reviewer: A tea lover from UK   5 Stars

Fantastic quality matcha. With its stunning bright green colour, this is truly a treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. Easy to prepare, pleasant taste, and keeps well for a couple of months. Matcha is renowned for its tremendous antioxident content and when you drink this wonderful green brew, you can tell that it is doing you a lot of good. Highly recommended!

Reviewer: Philip from Plymouth   5 Stars

I am simply blown away by the quality of this matcha. The balance of flavours is rich, slightly sweet and lingers most pleasantly on the tongue for a long time after the last delicious sip. It is very well milled and ground and if sieved does not form clumps in the chawan at all. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Elizabeth from Bristol   5 Stars

This is the best matcha tea going for the money. Having tried many different suppliers I now place a regular order for this one. The other matchas I've tried were either bitter or similar but much more expensive. This tea has a smooth, almost milky flavour. It can be quite filling so takes the edge off the odd 11am hunger. I very highly recommend this Japanese Matcha No. 1!