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Ceylon Homadola FBOPF 'EXSP'
Ceylon Homadola FBOPF 'EXSP' Ceylon Homadola FBOPF 'EXSP' Ceylon Homadola FBOPF 'EXSP'

Ceylon Homadola FBOPF 'EXSP'

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GTIN: 0633131641363

Price: £7.50
Flavour profile: Smooth, deep rounded flavour with notes of malt, cocoa and tropical fruit. Great depth, little bitterness and a round character.
Strength: 5/5, Astringency: 1/5, Sweetness: 2/5
Leaf: Attractive mixture of the fine broken soot black leaves with silvery gold tips giving a light fruity aroma with hints of lychee.
Produced: 2018
Origin: Homadola, Galle, Sri-lanka.
Elevation:  570 - 1000ft

Background: Classified as FBOPF 'EX-SP' (Finest Broken Orange Pekoe Flowery - Extra Special) this quality picking is distinguished by the many silver tips amongst the fine soot black leaves. The earliest records of tea growing in Homadola date back to 1898 when it had 181 acres under cultivation with 139 acres in production. The name itself originates from the Homa brook which splashes its way down past this picturesque estate from the Sinharaja Forest to the north, a UNESCO world heritage site. The Estate also has some 84 acres of Cinnamon trees under cultivation, alongside some 12 acres of fruit trees including pineapple, dragon fruit and bananas. It is not hard to imagine these contributing to the complex exotic fruit notes in this special tea.

Homadola lies in what is called the Low Country; teas grown in the south-west of Sri Lanka. Low Country teas typically have robust, deep and malty flavours thanks to the fertile soil in this area and lower elevations than the highlands of sea level to 2000ft. Tea from the Low Country is often lower quality intended for cheaper blends, but this tea represents the rarer high-end orthodox Low Country teas, of which those from Galle are particularly prized.

The estate employs a large predominantly Tamil workforce, participates in the Ethical tea partnership and has won awards in social welfare with a view to improving their workers living standards.

Brewing guide: This Ceylon is equally tasty taken black or with milk. Try using 3 grams (1 very heaped teaspoon) per 200ml mug @ 99C steeped for 2min30 to 3mins if drunk black. If adding milk use 3-4grams (2 teaspoons) per 200ml mug and steep for 4-5 minutes.


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: John Brady from Glastonbury   5 Stars

I met Duncan in Wells market many years ago and had my first purchase of the best Ceylon Black tea I have ever had. A subsequent visit had me buying some Yunnan to try .. very nice, but evolution took place and now the only tea I drink for my morning enjoyment is: 1 spoon Ceylon, 1 spoon Yunnan and a pinch of Lapsang souchong (quantities according to palate !!!!) I put the tea in a large strainer, in my breakfast cup, and give it a boiling water "wash", discard the wash and refill the cup ... a dash of skimmed milk for texture and let it brew for 5 minutes. For me ... ecstasy !!!

P.S. I have tried these teas from other suppliers ... no contest.

Reviewer: Allan from Spain   5 Stars

This is a lovely tea with lots of different layers of flavour; it is very complex and rich and suitable at pretty much any time of the day.

Reviewer: James Arrowsmith-Brown from Bristol   5 Stars

This is the best black tea for regular, every day drinking that I have found; I have been drinking it for some years now.