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Blue Mountain Black
Blue Mountain Black

Blue Mountain Black

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New product for 2020 - Photo coming soon!!
Flavour profile: Light and fresh flavour with notes of honey, grains and apricot jam complexity with a supple smooth finish. Easy drinking and very pleasurable brew!
Strength: 3/5, Astringency: 2/5, Sweetness: 3/5
Leaf: Long wiry black strands, twisted tightly in finish with the occasional gold tip. Buttery smooth fruity aroma. In the cup it sparkles a vivid bright tangerine-plum colour.
Produced: May 2020
Origin: The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India.
Cultivar: tbc     Elevation: 6100ft

Background: The name Nilgiris translates as the Blue Mountains; a scenic mountain chain in Southern India named after a unique flowering shrub that only blossoms every 12 years covering the mountain slopes in a lush lilac-blue carpet. This top quality tea is from a small young Tea Factory strong in sustainable agriculture, ecofriendly cultivation & ethical fairtrade practices. This delightful tea is produced to the very highest standards.

Brewing guide: Great lasting flavour and strength but should not be drunk with milk. Try using just 2.5g per cup infused for no longer than 2min30secs. Re-steep the same leaves again increasing the brew time by 30secs.  Also suits Gong-fu brewing, try using 4 grams and see guide on the main black tea page.


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