From small beginnings come great things...
Tip Top Tea was established in 2007 by Duncan Southgate on the markets of Bristol.It was born from the desire to bring high quality loose tea to the shores of the UK at affordable prices. We are a small tea trading business growing both online and wholesale and currently based in London. There is a nationwide resurgent interest in loose leaf tea and we'd like to think that we have played a small part in its development. We stock a range of over 40 loose leaf teas chosen to represent the best teas in the world. We offer our tea both as a final retail product and wholesale for service in cafés, restaurants and hotels. Through word of mouth and positive press and radio coverage Tip Top Tea has built up a loyal following of retail and wholesale clients. Once you see, smell and taste our teas you will appreciate the difference in quality from conventional mass produced tea. In 2011 we entered a small selection of our teas into the annual UK Great Taste Awards, and were pleased to see that all received a Gold Star award!

Our business ethos
With Duncans background in environmental consultancy, sound business ethics and environmental responsibility are important to us. Unfortunately tea cannot be grown (in abundance) in or near to this country, and while this remains the case it is a luxury that must be imported from overseas. We increasingly select our teas seasonally from small scale producers who harvest repsonsibly using traditional farming methods sympathetic to the environment. We strive to bring customers fairly sourced products of superior quality in the freshest condition.

Our loose tea is shipped by sea where possible, and overland where not, trying to minimise food miles. Our loose leaf tea does not go through any factories for energy costly processing into teabags or boxes. Tip Top Tea is packed and labeled by hand in a clean and hygenic environment. We are constantly searching for more environmentally friendly packaging, however at this time there is not anything suitable that we know of on the marketplace. The cutting edge packaging our loose tea comes in helps keep it fresh for longer than before, something that simple recycled paper bags cannot compete with. In this case product quality and shelf life must supercede other considerations.

Quality assurance
Tip Top Tea supplies only the finest quality loose tea products. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know so we can remedy the situation. Your satisfaction is our top priority.