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55 blends to the perfect English Breakfast

Its been some time since my last post, mostly because we have been busy this year… most recently improving our teas! Tip Top Tea aims to provide consistently high quality tea with the best flavour we can source. We don’t like to change things unneccesarily but if we discover something better, we look into it further. In the last 3 months we have updated five of our tea blends, following months of tasting and blending since early this year. Most of these changes are improvements to the quality of the ingredients and flavour – not trying to change the flavour profile, but making it more vibrant, fresh and clean tasting.

These changes might be subtle in some cases but to us, on a constant search for tea perfection, entirely worthwhile!

Our new English Breakfast blend has been named ‘Boldest Breakfast’ after its deep bold flavour and is something I’m quietly proud of. It took no less than 55 blends and variations to find the perfect balance of strength, flavour and quality of taste to work both with and without milk. It features two rich flavoursome Assam teas, a smooth clean tasting tea from the Nilgiri and a bright fruity Kenyan. It is not the patience and persistance that I am proud of, but the resulting delicious tea our customers and I now get to drink! This attention to detail is just as important for our more humble teas and blends as it is with our high end teas. All feedback so far has been in line with our opinion that this is our best tasting Breakfast tea in 10 years!

Our updated Earl Grey Bluestar blend now uses a new black tea base from the Blue Mountains in Tamil Nadu, India – a quite literarily fitting origin! This new base tea works really well with bergamot, giving a much more balanced flavour thanks to its simple clean flowery taste. This naturally more harmonious taste works really well both black AND served with milk, and also as a really refreshing iced tea. While changing this we tried a few new bergamot flavours and found a higher quality natural bergamot that we felt complimented the soft and flowery notes in the base tea. So we improved the base tea and the bergamot – all for the same price as before.

Other recent updates include:

  • Ayurvedic Lemongrass and Ginger – now featuring Lemon Balm boosting the citrus taste and making it even more refreshing!
  • Rooibos Chai now changed to Vanilla Rooibos Chai – with more vanilla giving it a silky smooth sweetness before the delayed spicy cinnamon and ginger kick in.
  • Indian Chai – more cinnamon and ginger and slightly less cardomom. The updated Assam tea base includes CTC for more strength to stand up against the spices. The result is a smooth malty black tea lifted by warming and comforting spices – pure hygge!


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